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(1) Elk City Baptist Church
Sunday Services

(2) Elk Creek Station and Cafe

(3) Woolly Manor Craft Shop
129 Main Street
Spinning, Knitting, Crochet, Quilting,
Hardware, Furs and hand crafted Items
(4) Elk City Clinic

(5) Laundromat and Showers
Main Street
At Sinclare Corner

(6) Fire House

(7) Prospector Cabins
4500 Erickson Ridge
(Snail Mail)PO Box 270
Elk City, ID 83525
ph: 208-842-2597
alt: 208-842-2557
(8) Elk City Hotel

(9) The Store

(10) Reno Club

(11) Post Office

(12) Framing Our Community
(13) Ambulance Shack

(14) "VFW" Veterans of Foreign Wars
(15) Nitz Trailer Park

(16) Community Church
Sunday Services
(17)The Daniels Group
1907 Elk Creek Road
Phone: 208-842-2235
Jon Menough, Ph.D.,PE
Water, Wastewater System Design
and Operations
(18) Coming Soon

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